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Adoption of Near Field Communication in Universities in Kenya

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Author Fredrick Mugabe Mouthing, Victor Maenad Newbie
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 510-514
Volume No. 6
Issue No. 9
Issue Date October 1, 2015
Publishing Date October 1, 2015
Keywords Near field communication, barcode, mobile payment, RFID


In our day to day life, the adoption of new technology to new innovation in various sectors is rising. Campus life has shifted from students’ carrying laptops and a bag full of pass cards to carrying Ipads or smart phones. Barcode bars on pass and identification cards have been replaced by near field communication (NFC) instructions. NFC is a technology standard for very-short-range wireless connectivity that enables quick, secure two-way interactions among electronic devices. The level of global interaction and mode of communication is changing and the adoption of Near Flied Communication is on the rise, replacing bar code and QR code. The technology is at advanced stages ranging from file transfer; access controls to paying for goods and services on NFC enabled payment points/devices or cards. The introduction of Near Field Communication in the universities has enhanced the speed of processes as well as simplifying them. The pass cards/ids students carry along and time spent on queues waiting to be served is reduced. This paper explores the advantages of near field communication over magnetic bar codes and QR codes in an academic institution. Near field communication combines several instructions which are read via NFC enabled devices: smart phones or tags. Student card is customized with NFC tag: from library card, access control card to student identification card. NFC is at early stages of implementation in Kenya but has been successfully rolled out in transport industry as Bebapay. With the rise of mobile enabled near field communication devices, its adoption in Kenyan universities will be a success.

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