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Service Provider IPv4 to IPv6 Network Migration Strategies

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Author Babu Ram Dawadi, Shashidhar Ram Joshi, Ananda Raj Khanal
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 565-572
Volume No. 6
Issue No. 10
Issue Date November 1, 2015
Publishing Date November 1, 2015
Keywords IPv4, IPv6, service providers, transition, strategies, migration approach, tunneling, dual stack, translation


With the increase of Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices and the trend of world moving to converged network environment into the mode of packet based communication network, internet protocol address becomes the major logical infrastructure for all kinds of voice and data communications, led to the exhaustion of 32 bits IPv4 address space. Several issues like security, quality of service, and addressing, routing management along with the depletion of addresses have been sought with the IPv4 addressing infrastructure. This forced the world required to migrate into IPv6 as a new addressing paradigm. Currently, the term 'migration' refers to different research dimensions in the world of science and engineering. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) service providers are in the rush of not only the migration to IPv6 but also towards the migration into cloud computing and software defined networking, where "migration in togetherness" is coined to enter into the new era of IT based businesses and services. IPv4 and IPv6 are not interoperable. Hence moving into IPv6 operable network is a gradual process. The concerned organizations throughout the world are in different stages of network migration to IPv6. Service Providers and organizations of the developing countries are lacking behind the migration due to the lack of awareness, training, and cost of transition. This paper proposed the network transition steps after highlighting the migration strategies for Service Providers (SP) with different transition technologies.

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