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Impact of Quality Assurance and Standards on Performance in Higher Institution of Learning in Kenya

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Author Audry M Murunga,David Kiprop,Susan Jerubet Chemei,Sanja M Michael
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 816-827
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 10
Issue Date November 1, 2014
Publishing Date November 1, 2014
Keywords Quality standards (QS), Higher Institution of Learning, International Organization for Standardization (IOS)


Demand for university education in Kenya has significantly increased and continues to swell. Many secondary school students and the working class look for opportunities to pursue university education. Universities being accountable to the public, as stakeholders need to guarantee that they offer quality teaching, research and community service to their students. With the increasing numbers of students seeking places in public universities, the question of quality is critical and requires urgent attention. This study considers Quality standards as a result in a process of teaching and learning, which particularly emphasizes gaining good results in examinations. This study focuses on objectives such as: the effect of working tools and resources towards quality assurance and standards implementation as a result of effective delivery, supervision and management in higher institutional of learning, to determine whether the implementers of quality assurance and standards have been adequately trained to handle higher institutional curriculum and hence to establish the impact Quality standards in higher Institution of learning. This study utilizes the theories such as Ishikawa's Theory, Crosby's Theory, Deming's theory and Joseph Juran's Theory. Data achieved from library archives, computer databases, and on-line resources.

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