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Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

A Practical Approach for Evaluation of Security Methods of Wireless Network

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Author Mohd Izhar, Mohd Shahid, V.R. Singh
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 811-817
Volume No. 4
Issue No. 10
Issue Date November 01, 2013
Publishing Date November 01, 2013
Keywords RSNA, CSMA/CA, CCMP, MAC and PHY.


MAC filtering, WEP key encryption, WPA2 and firewalls are the Security Modes used for securing our wireless network. These Security Methods are standardized by IEEE as well as by WECA Alliance. IEEE 802.11-2007 Standard for wireless network classifies security algorithms into: RSNA and Pre-RSNA. Pre-RSNA algorithms are the algorithms used before RSNA. Pre-RSNA security comprises the algorithms; WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and IEEE 802.11 entity authentication. RSNA security comprises the algorithms like TKIP, CCMP, RSNA establishment and termination procedures, including use of IEEE 802. 1X authentication, key management procedures and providing mechanisms for protecting management frames. WECA is a group of software and hardware vendors who is responsible for developing and standardizing equipments related to Wifi networks. Both IEEE and WECA work together for security and efficiency of wireless Network. All Pre-RSNA Methods fail to meet their security goals than RSNA with WPA2 Methods come in the picture, which have its own weakness and Problems. This paper, after reviewing certain papers as referenced, checks the security of wireless network theoretically and practically in order to know how these security methods fail for providing security to wireless Networks. The evaluation is done by creating and developing a Practical Scenario and examining it. The developed scenario has a server with internet facility, the server is connected with various access points at different wings and these access points are accessed, as and when required, by various moving / stationery nodes. The equipments used for this scenario is fully compatible with IEEE and WPA2 standards and methods. Latest web browser capabilities and OS firewall Competence with these advanced modes of RSNA methods has also been taken into account in order to develop secure network model.

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