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Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

A Novel Algorithm for Integrating E-Health Data in Distributed Low Bandwidth Environment

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Author Vitalis Ndume, Yaw Nkansah-Gyekye, Jesuk Ko
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 230-239
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 3
Issue Date April 1, 2014
Publishing Date April 1, 2014
Keywords Integration, E-Health, Healthcare, Heterogeneous, Web Service.


Electronic Health Records System is transforming primary health care and improves quality of health facility management. It enhances immediate monitoring and evaluation of health facilities. However, integrating e-Health data in a network with low bandwidth imposes more challenges. This paper describes a technique to integrate e-Health records which is heterogeneous using Web Service Model in a low bandwidth environment. The focus is on the problem of medium–scale data integration where data source schemas are not known at the design time. The validation and test cases of the software were done using heterogeneous data set from various longitudinal studies including demographical surveillance data sets and baseline census data for sample vital registration with verbal autopsy. The results indicate that MySQL engine is faster than others. The proposed architecture and the algorithm applied for mapping allow heterogeneous data set to be integrated in a low bandwidth environment. The algorithm cuts off the transfer and execution time to (2On).It is concluded that Web service has more advantages in service oriented application to enhance data integration. Despite practical challenges in data integration, the process of integrating big data sets in a low bandwidth environment requires mapping rules that deploy mechanism of mapping from heterogeneous to homogenous and localizing the execution operation.

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