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Case Study: Using Video Analytic Data to Target Advertisements

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Author Kalpana Algotar, Sanjay Addicam, Preethi Satishchandra
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 206-209
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 3
Issue Date April 1, 2014
Publishing Date April 1, 2014
Keywords Targeted Advertising, Digital Signage, Anonymous Video Analytics, Data Mining, Intelligent Advertising Framework, Proof of Sale Data, Association Rules, Viewer Event Data.


How to get target advertising in digital signage is an innovative and challenging question. This paper summarizes the result of a field trial related to targeted and non-targeted digital signage (DS) with Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA) conducted over 9 month period of time and across 10 different retailers. The goal was to understand the impact of targeted and non-targeted digital signage on sales and offers in a different environment like super market store, electronic store, and general retails. By correlating AVA viewership information with proof-of-sale (POS) data relation can be established between the response time to an ad seen by a certain demographic group and the effect on the sale of the advertised product, so as to provide retailers/advertisers with intelligence to show the right ads to right audience at right time and in the right location. The result of experiment revealed that targeted digital signage has a prominent sale impact on instant food packets, beverages, and beauty products as compared to non-targeted digital signage.

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