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Undergraduate Students’ Assessment of E-Portals in Selected Private Universities in South-West Nigeria

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Author Omotunde Oluwatobi, Babalola Yemisi, Omotunde Christopher
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 492-498
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 6
Issue Date July 1, 2014
Publishing Date July 1, 2014
Keywords Undergraduate students, e-portals, private universities, ease of use, usefulness, reliability.


Adoption of e-portals in the Nigerian higher education sector is a step in the right direction considering the potentials of the technology in connecting the university with students, potential students, staff, parents and the global community. Student assessment of the usefulness, ease of use and reliability of e-portals is however critical in determining the relevance and success of the technology. This study therefore surveyed undergraduate students' assessment of university portals in selected private universities in South-West Nigeria. The multistage sampling technique was used to randomly select 1244 undergraduate students from the faculties of Social-Sciences and Management and Science and Technology in the selected universities. Data was collected with a self-structured questionnaire and analyzed using descriptive statistics and chi-square. The findings showed that the portal is used mainly for information purposes and rarely for core academic activities such as accessing e-learning programs, lecture notes or library materials. The major challenge students face in using the portals was unstable internet connection. Information currency and accuracy is perceived to be low and some of the students had concern about the security of their transactions via the portal. Furthermore, over 50% of the respondents find the portals complex and needed technical assistance to use them effectively. The study therefore recommends that the university administration should provide more reliable internet service, ensure adequate user training and support services for students, regularly update the information on their portal and expand the usefulness of their portals to support core academic activities.

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