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A Study on Long-term Pavement Performance by Changing Layer Stiffness of Composite Pavement using Finite Element Method

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Author Won-Pyoung Kang, Hak-Ryong Moon, You-Jin Lim
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 509-515
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 6
Issue Date July 1, 2014
Publishing Date July 1, 2014
Keywords Finite Element method, Composite Pavement, Modeling, Simulation, Abaqus 6.10, Layer Stiffness


Composite pavement combines layers of asphalt pavement on top of concrete pavement and has the advantages of both asphalt and concrete pavements. Composite pavement provides good ride comfort and long-term performance and the study and field application have been underway extensively. In this study, a long-term pavement performance of composite pavement depending on stiffness of asphalt, concrete and lean concrete layer was evaluated. Pavement simulation tool(Abaqus 6.10) was used in this study. Modeling pavement structure in abaqus consisted of asphalt, concrete, lean concrete and base. 125 variables were selected depending on Young’s modulus (Stiffness) of Asphalt, concrete and lean concrete. Maximum asphalt horizontal tensile strain of the sub-base of asphalt concrete was obtained from structural analysis. And the result was applied to the equation suggested by American Asphalt Association to estimate the allowable repeated load frequency (life cycle) As a result of the study, regression equation between stiffness and life cycle, indicating the effect of asphalt layer was the greater.

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