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A Review of Big Data Management, Benefits and Challenges

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Author Oguntimilehin A., Ademola E.O.
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 433-438
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 6
Issue Date July 1, 2014
Publishing Date July 1, 2014
Keywords Data, Big Data, Big Data tools, Challenges, Security, Privacy


Big Data is relatively a new concept which refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyze. The accumulated huge amount of data that previously of no significant importance or value have been put into maximum use due to the availability of newly designed Big Data tools that surpass earlier available data mining tools. Big Data is now of tremendous importance to organizations and data mining researchers because better results are gotten from larger volume of data. Predictions and Analysis of business are becoming more accurate and interesting with the advent of Big Data Tools. The scale and scope of changes that Big Data are bringing about are at an inflection point, set to expand greatly, as a series of technology trends accelerate and courage. In this paper, we introduced readers to the concept of Big Data, the various sources of data for Big Data. Some of the advantages and applications that have been successfully implemented using Big Data tools. Some of the challenges of Big Data were also discussed with special reference to the most crucial of these challenges- the personal privacy issue which if not well managed could bring an individual or an entire organization using Big Data down. This paper aims to create awareness to researchers and to sensitize the existing and intending users of Big Data tools of the privacy issue and possible measures that can be of assistance.

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