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Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences

Software Efforts and Cost Estimation with a Systematic Approach

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Author Chetan Nagar, Anurag Dixit
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 312-316
Volume No. 2
Issue No. 7
Issue Date July 01, 2011
Publishing Date July 01, 2011
Keywords KLOC (Kilo Line of Code),.UCP (Use Case Point), FP (Function Point), these are all unit of software size. Software Efforts estimation, Person-month, Person-Hours these are units of efforts.


According to Roger S Pressman “Software efforts estimation is not an exact science”. Day per day competition in the software industries is increasing; in such scenario accurate efforts estimation is become an important task. Efforts estimation is one of essential activity of software development which is providing basis for other software activities like scheduling, planning .Software cost and efforts estimation is become a challenge for IT industries. There are lot of methods are existing for efforts and cost estimation, but people do not know how to use these methods. Industries only concentrating on KLOC for efforts estimation, but there is a lot of other parameter like efforts of reuse must be include in efforts estimation. IT industries are making two types of project. First, which has a specific customer; all requirements are given by this customer. Second, in which requirement are gather by using some survey In case of second type of project efforts estimation become much difficult because we do not have a specific customer and we have to estimate efforts accurately and complete the project within time limit ,because we have a no of competitors . So a systematic approach is required for efforts estimation .This paper is suggesting a systematic way of efforts estimation, which will cover all phases of software development and it is trying to involve all those parameter that may affect the efforts of a software project.  


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