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Lucky Users on Cloud Nine? Determinants of Cloud Computing Usage Behavior in Germany

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Author Heiko Moryson, Guido Moeser
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 375-385
Volume No. 6
Issue No. 7
Issue Date August 1, 2015
Publishing Date August 1, 2015
Keywords Cloud Computing, Behavior Research, Technology Acceptance, UTAUT, Trust, Security Risks, Structural Equation Modeling


Cloud computing services have been growing rapidly in recent years with Dropbox, Apple iCloud and Google Drive being among the most prominent. Our empirical research addresses the question of what determinants the usage is based on when viewed from a technology acceptance perspective. Theoretical backbone is an extension of the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) by integrating external factors Perceived Trust and Security Risks into the research model. Data was collected via a web survey among internet users in Germany during October 2014. Data basis was the number of German cloud computing users (n=1047). Operationalization was tested using confirmatory factor analyses. Causal hypotheses were evaluated by means of structural equation modeling. Extended UTAUT model demonstrated a high level of cloud usage behavior, explaining 78.8% of the observed Behavioral Intention to use cloud services in Germany. Intention is significantly driven by Social Influence, Facilitating Conditions, and Performance Expectancy. Effort Expectancy and Perceived Trust also significantly promote the users´ intention while Perceived Security Risks have a negative impact.

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