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Investigation of Information Communication Technology in Kenyan Primary Education Sector

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Author Sanja Michael Mutong’wa, Mneria Esau, Evans Ogoti Ogenda, Evans Tenge, Bernard Nasiuma
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 537-555
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 7
Issue Date August 1, 2014
Publishing Date August 1, 2014
Keywords Information Technologies (IT), County, Education Sector, ICT (Information Communication Technology), EC (European Commission), Counties. Primary schools


ICT in place offers primary education a good child initiative, the opportunity to attract world-class educationist hence provides a very effective and efficient learning environment .The objective is to analyze and answer the following: Why should ICT be implemented in Lower Primary?, what major challenges does ICT implementation face in lower primary schools and how is ICT significant to the Boy/Girl Child?, what is the role of ‘Teacher’ and ‘Pupil’? , How does its implementation influence lower primary education standards? The main focus of this research is to investigation the information communication technology in Kenyan primary education sector - its indicators in terms of achievements and service delivery - challenges facing the implementation of ICT tools and programmes in Primary schools will be discussed. Neglect in educational development, specifically using best tools has added to the inequalities that the youth face in society, due to inadequate educational facilities, resources and manpower. The research utilized multiple case study method-scopes of ten (10) different countries across the world in comparison with Kenya, the ICT policies, infrastructure and their role in Education promotion will be analyzed to obtain an understanding of ICT implementation in Primary Education.

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