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Routing Protocols for Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs): A Review

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Author Venkatesh, A Indra, R Murali
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 25-43
Volume No. 5
Issue No. 1
Issue Date January 31, 2014
Publishing Date January 31, 2014
Keywords Adaptive routing, Intelligent Transportation System, ITS, Mobile Ad hoc Network, MANET, Routing Protocol, Vehicular Ad hoc Network, VANET and Wireless Network


Routing in Vehicular Ad hoc Networks is a challenging task due to the unique characteristics of the network such as high mobility of nodes, dynamically changing topology and highly partitioned network. It is a challenge to ensure reliable, continuous and seamless communication in the presence of speeding vehicles. The performance of routing protocols depends on various internal factors such as mobility of nodes and external factors such as road topology and obstacles that block the signal. This demands a highly adaptive approach to deal with the dynamic scenarios by selecting the best routing and forwarding strategies and by using appropriate mobility and propagation models. In this paper we review the existing routing protocols for VANETs and categorise them into a taxonomy based on key attributes such as network architecture, applications supported, routing strategies, forwarding strategies, mobility models and quality of service metrics. Protocols belonging to unicast, multicast, geocast and broadcast categories are discussed. Strengths and weaknesses of various protocols using topology based, position based and cluster based approaches are analysed. Emphasis is given on the adaptive and context-aware routing protocols. Simulation of broadcast and unicast protocols is carried out and the results are presented.

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