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Awareness, Use and Impediments of Search Engines by Undergraduate Students in Delta State University, Abraka-Nigeria

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Author Akparobore Daniel, Palmer Judith, Oghale
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 685-692
Volume No. 6
Issue No. 12
Issue Date January 1, 2016
Publishing Date January 1, 2016
Keywords search engines, SEUQ, ANOVA, faculty social science.


The study investigated the awareness, use and impediments of search engines by undergraduate students in Delta State University, Abraka. A descriptive study design was used for the study. The population comprised of the students in the Faculty of Social Sciences in Delta State University. The sample of the study was 154. Three research questions guided the study and two hypotheses tested at 0.05 level of significant. One instrument titled search engine use questionnaire (SEUQ) was used for data collection. Percentages and mean rating were used to answer research questions. ANOVA was used to test hypotheses. The major findings of the study include: Undergraduate students awareness of search engines was low in Delta State University, the test for hypotheses showed that there was a significant difference from the respondents awareness of search engines according to their departments; Google was the most frequently used search engine by the undergraduate students in Faculty of Social Sciences. The finding also revealed that information overload was the greatest challenge the undergraduate students encountered. Based on the findings, the implication of the study revealed more practical aspects of search engines to be employed to promote greater awareness needed to improve the use of search engines.

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