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ICT and Learning In School

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Author Peter Karlsudd
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 677-684
Volume No. 6
Issue No. 12
Issue Date January 1, 2016
Publishing Date January 1, 2016
Keywords ICT, learning, learning approaches, implementation, school, field-limited met studies


This study represents a test of systematically bringing together the results of a number of degree projects dealing with joint issues within the fields of ICT and learning. The method has been named a field-limited met study, in which increased validity and generalizability are expected to strengthen school development in the region comprised by the study. A total of 16 studies were conducted in a limited geographical area including a representative sample of 79 schools. Two questions asked in the study were: What is the approach to learning ICT in the schools studied? and What possibilities and obstacles may arise when implementing ICT in schools? By breaking down the structure into individual, technology and organization the result was analyzed from four learning approaches. It shows that the most frequently represented approach is the one referred to as progressivism, where the student is in focus and activity pedagogy dominates, while perrenialism, an approach that emphasizes the invariable character of knowledge, is very poorly represented in the study. The teachers represented in the various studies are largely positive to ICT, in which they envisage a range of possibilities for the learning environment. With regard to technology, a great number of schools are facing problems. There is a lack of maintenance and support, both technical and pedagogical, as testified by a great many teachers. In respect of the overarching organization, the principal is viewed as the key person. A clear pedagogical strategy for the use of digital tools is also requested. With the support of the overall picture emerging from the study analysis, there are good reasons for developing work on field-limited met studies. A further step in this direction may be to allow teacher-students to plan and take part in longitudinal projects to increase the validity of the overall picture of important fields of development.

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