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Age Estimation based on Neural Networks using Face Features

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Author Nabil Hewahi, Aya Olwan, Nebal Tubeel, Salha EL-Asar, Zeinab Abu-Sultan
ISSN 2079-8407
On Pages 61-68
Volume No. 1
Issue No. 2
Issue Date October 1, 2010
Publishing Date October 1, 2010
Keywords Age estimation, Neural networks, face feature extraction


In this paper we propose a methodology based on Neural networks to estimate human ages using face features. Due to the difficulty of estimating the exact age, we developed our system to estimate the age to be within certain ranges. In the first stage, the age is classified into four categories which distinguish the person oldness in terms of age. The four categories are child, young, youth and old. In the second stage of the process we classify each age category into two more specific ranges. The uniqueness about our research project is that most of the previous research work do not consider the fine tuning of age as we are presenting in our research. Our proposed approach has been developed, tested and trained using the EasyNN tool. Two public data sets were used to test the system, these are FG-NET and MORPH. To evaluate our system’s performance, we carried out a comparative study between our proposed system, human being and other research trails. The obtained results were significant.


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